Fall Bucket List 2024 – 107 Unique & Fun Autumn Activities

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Fun things to do in the Fall for families, couples, with friends! Use these unique and creative autumn ideas to create your 2024 autumn bucket list with these fun fall activities, and make the most of this harvest season!

Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.


Ahhh…Fall! Do you look forward to it all year too? For many of us, it’s our favorite season.

We need to soak up as much of the season as we can, while it lasts. This year I decided to make a Fall bucket list, and wanted to come up with a bunch of ideas so you can create one too!

These bucket list ideas are perfect fall activities for couples, kids, or to enjoy during any precious alone time you have.

I’ve also included indoor AND outdoor fall activities, so you have plenty of autumn ideas to have a great time in every kind of weather. 

👉 Be sure to check out the bottom of the post, where I’ve created a fall bucket list template for you!

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107 Ultimate Fall Bucket List Ideas

Indoor Fall Activities:

1. Eat donuts and apple cider 

There’s something about the combination of those warm donuts and that cold cider that is just paradise.

2. Carve pumpkins 

Hone your skills with this Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Kit

3. Make homemade caramel apples 

Try this easy recipe to make your own caramel apples. These caramel apple sticks make the process even easier.

4. Create an autumn craft

Check Pinterest for some fun (and easy) fall craft ideas.

5. Make a fall cocktail 

A hard cider sangria would be a tasty and festive option to make in this lovely 7-piece Sangria Set. Or try an apple cider float for a non-alcoholic treat.

6. Fall movie night 

Nothing puts ya in a fall mood quite like a classic fall movie.

No scary movies required – unless that’s your thing!

It’s the perfect fun activity on a chilly night when the cooler weather hits.

Check out my list of the best fall movies here!

7. Make apple-themed baked goods 

Such as apple pie, cake, bread, or crisp.

Here are 61 Delicious Fall Dessert Ideas!

8. Perfect your soup, chili, or stew recipe

Check out these  Easy & Delicious Slow Cooker Soups. for inspiration.

Host a ‘soup buffet’ night for an easy, cozy way to entertain.

9. Make a Fall bouquet 

Buy or pick fresh sunflowers, mums, or dahlias to make your home more festive. Or buy faux floral from your craft store and reuse it year after year.

Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.

10. DIY Halloween costume 

Prepare for Halloween early by making your own Halloween costume.

Read next: 55 Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes (that you can make from a thrift store, or your very own closet!)

11. Decorate your home for Fall 

Deck out your fireplace mantel, kitchen, and living room with cute pumpkins, garland, and burlap.

Here are 15 Free Fall Printables you can print out, throw in a frame, and update your decor on a budget!

12. Open your windows 

It may seem really basic, but letting in that refreshing crisp Fall air can really put you in a good mood.

13. Light Fall candles 

I have such a weakness for scented Fall candles! This candle from Bath & Body Works is my all-time favorite.

Read next: 17 Easy & Cozy Ways to Make Your House Smell Like Fall

14. Knit a scarf

This new hobby will keep your hands busy, and provide you warmth all winter.

These easy knitting kits make it far simpler than you’d think!

15. Create a Fall wreath 

There’s just something special about creating your own homemade decor.

Here are 25 easy DIY autumn wreath tutorials to get you started.

16. Make a pumpkin recipe 

Consider trying a pumpkin soup, cupcake, bread, pancake, or roll recipe.

Or DIY a Starbucks drink at home for much cheaper than buying one!

17. Wear a blanket scarf 

Nothing completes your Fall outfit quite like an amazing blanket scarf like one of these.

18. Visit a haunted house 

Or make one of your own in your garage, yard, or basement.

19. Go on a weekend getaway 

Take full advantage of the beautiful Fall season by enjoying a weekend getaway to a new (or your favorite) destination.

And I mean, who doesn’t love a road trip?!

Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.

20. Warm apple cider 

Cozy up with some hot apple cider as you visit with friends, or relax with a good book.

21. Host a Fall party 

You could even go old-school with festive Fall activities like bobbing for apples.

22. Begin planning for the holidays 

Take your family Christmas photo, create a holiday budget, or make a gift recipient list.

Related: 19 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas Early

23. Start Christmas shopping 

Spread the shopping (and the spending) over several months by starting early.

You’ll thank yourself come December, when things are most hectic.

24. Cook with seasonal ingredients 

Autumn ingredients, such as all the different squash varieties, brussel sprouts, or sweet potatoes make dinnertime feel festive.

25. Roast pumpkin seeds 

Save the seeds from when you carve pumpkins.

Clean the gook off, toss with 1-2 tbs of olive oil and 1-2 tbs of your favorite seasoning, and bake in a single layer at 300 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Garlic powder and salt make them savory, and cinnamon and sugar make a sweet treat.

26. Swap out your closet with fall clothes 

Tuck away those summer clothes to make room in your closet for your cozy sweaters and boots.

While you’re at it, you may want to do a quick closet declutter.

27. Make apple butter 

Mmm…I love apple butter, especially spread on top of peanut butter on toast or an english muffin.

Here is an easy way to make your own in the slow cooker.

28. Bake a pie from scratch

Store-bought pies are okay, but making one homemade just tastes better.

Even if you make it super easy by using store-bought crusts!

Plus, it’s just a fun project to do one cool autumn afternoon.

29. Buy some new boots 

Whether you like tall boots or short boots, all boots are just a Fall must-have!

Amazon has some of the cutest ones I’ve seen, and most of them offer free returns.

30. Bake cookies

Try these adorable fall cookie cutters to make festive fall-shaped sugar cookies.

Or try a pumpkin or cinnamon-flavored variety instead.

Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.

31. Put together a Fall puzzle 

If you enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles, try one with a beautiful Fall scene.

32. Make Fall potpourri

Here’s a recipe for an easy stovetop potpourri.

33. Enjoy a Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Or try making your own at home.

Don’t like coffee? Warm apple cider or a Fall cocktail works too!

34. Decorate for Halloween 

Build excitement for Halloween by putting out your decor early this year.

35. Make a Halloween Tree 

If you love decorating (and Christmas trees), try your hand at making a Halloween tree. Here’s an awesome example!

36. Eat candy corn

I just have to have a little candy corn every Fall. And those little pumpkins too!

37. Watch Stranger Things 

If for some reason you haven’t watched Stranger Things on Netflix yet, Fall is the perfect time of year!

And feel free to re-watch it if you haven’t seen it in a while.

38. Collect and press Fall leaves

Go on a Fall walk to collect some colorful leaves.

Here’s an easy tutorial for pressing leaves you find.

Wouldn’t it just remind you of childhood and elementary school?

39. Take advantage of your favorite shows back on TV 

Fall usually brings about the return of all the shows you missed during their summer hiatus.

40. Read Fall books 

I’m still working on my Fall reading list, but I know I want to read this book and this book. 

Do you have any other suggestions?

Here are 20 ways to find time to read when you’re just too busy.

41. Cozy up your house 

Put out your favorite cozy blankets, throw pillows, and lots of flameless candles.

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Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.

42. Visit Halloween stores 

Even if you don’t buy anything, just visiting Halloween stores puts you in a festive mood.

43. Host or attend a chili cook-off 

Fall is quintessential chili season. Have a contest with your friends or family to see who has the best recipe.

44. Use your crock pot 

A lot. It’s so convenient and easy, and coming home to the smell of dinner already made is priceless.

Here’s the slow cooker I have and love.

And these 15 SUPER easy crockpot recipes require no prep work at all – just dump and go!

45. Attend a craft fair 

Craft fairs are such so much fun, and an excellent activity to do in the Fall.

I love looking at people’s handmade goods. It’s kind of like Etsy, but in real life.

46. Wear a cozy sweater

After all the summer heat, it’s so comforting on that first day cool enough to put on a sweater.

47. Have a game night 

Clue is especially fun to play in the Fall!

48. Write out your Fall Bucket List

Here’s a free printable you can use to make yours!

49. Attend or host a mystery dinner theater 

Check out Groupon for discounted tickets to a mystery dinner theater.

It’s like a real-life game of Clue!

50. Pop popcorn on the cob 

Did you know you can actually make popcorn from dried corn on the cob? Here’s how!

51. Visit an escape room

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but escape rooms have those spooky vibes that make them perfect for autumn.

52. Take a class at a local craft store 

Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Joann’s all offer craft classes. Most are virtual, which means you can attend in your pajamas if you want.

Your local community center might be hosting some DIY craft classes too.

53. Color in seasonal coloring books 

The dollar store always carries some Fall and Halloween coloring books.

I keep ours with the Fall decor and bring them out every year.

It’s fun to look back on our previous ‘art.’

54. Polish your nails a dark color

Fall just calls for dark nail polish.

This Wicked one is one of my favorites!

Outdoor Fall Bucket List Activities:

Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.55. Visit a pumpkin patch 

You can buy your pumpkins there, or just explore and take cute pictures.

(Pumpkins tend to be a lot pricier there then at the grocery store or local farmers market.)

56. Plant fall flowers 

You could plant mums, or tulip and daffodil bulbs that will turn into beautiful flowers come spring.

I love seeing them pop up above the ground as a beautiful first sign of spring.

57. Visit Greenfield Village 

If you live anywhere near Michigan (or will be visiting), you must check out Greenfield Village.

It’s a one-of-a-kind outdoor living history museum that should definitely be on your bucket list.

And every year they hold Hallowe’en Nights events that are a must see.

58. Have a bonfire 

Smores are a must for any bonfire!

Try these marshmallow roasting sticks to make life easier. And try swapping out the traditional version for different kinds of chocolate or graham crackers.

Ghost stories could be a fun addition as well.

59. Leaf peeping 

Take a scenic drive and absorb the beauty of all the leaves changing color.

These Fall Foliage Train Tours in New England sound heavenly.

60. Walk in the woods 

Walking through the woods is a peaceful way to spend time year-round, but Fall is particularly magical.

You’re just never too old to crunch the leaves.

61. Attend a football game 

College or professional football games are certainly enjoyable, but don’t ignore the games at your local high school.

It’s so fun to see the kids’ enthusiasm, and a whole lot cheaper too!

62. Tailgate at home or a game 

Whether you’re going to a game or not, tailgating is a fun and tasty way to get that Fall feeling.

And tailgate food is delicious by its very nature.

63. Go apple picking 

Apple picking is such an iconic Fall activity.

You can go with a small group and split the bushel so no one ends up with more apples than they can use.

64. Visit a Fall or harvest festival 

Many towns have festivals in the autumn that you can attend.

They might have festive food, music, craft fairs, and activities for the kids.

65. Go on a hay ride 

Even though hayrides can be a bit messy, they just make you feel like a kid again.

66. Visit a corn maze 

Check your local pumpkin patches or apple orchard to see if they also offer corn mazes.

Some are more intense than others, and may not be ideal for claustrophobic folks.

67. Decorate your front porch 

Make your home look welcoming and festive with some bales of hay or corn stalks and pumpkins and mums.

68. Go antiquing 

You can find some great home decor or gifts at antique shops.

Here are 27 Genius Thrift Store Shopping Tricks to try on your next trip.

69. Fall photo shoot 

Grab your camera or cell phone, and take some photos of the scenery or your loved ones.

Or hire a local photographer for a family photo shoot.

70. Rake leaves and jump in 

Raking leaves is one of those necessary chores, but make it fun by jumping in the leaf piles before you bag them up.

And kids and dogs sure love to play in them!

Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.

71. Touch football 

Have an impromptu game of touch football with friends or family.

It’ll make a memorable day and some fun photos!

72. Dog costume parade 

Any type of costume parade would be fun, but dogs in costumes? C’mon : )

Search for one in your area, and if you don’t see one, consider hosting one!

73. Go horseback riding 

Consider fulfilling your horseback riding dreams this Fall.

Just imagine strolling through the gorgeous autumn trees.

74. Visit a Renaissance Fair 

Does anyone know why Renaissance Fairs are only in the Fall?

Whatever the reason, it is definitely a fun thing to put on your Fall bucket list.

75. Run a 5K 

Especially if it’s Halloween themed!

I did one a few years back, and there were zombies and monsters jumping out at us in the woods. So fun!

76. Make a scarecrow 

Even if you don’t have crows to scare off, it could be a fun project, and would make a good decoration for your porch or yard.

77. Attend Oktoberfest 

You could travel to Germany in late September, or make it easy on yourself and find an Oktoberfest festival in your area.

78. Visit a Farmers’ Market 

If you haven’t been to a Farmers’ Market yet this year, add it to your list!

The seasonal produce and harvest decor are totally worth it.

79. Go canoeing or kayaking 

I think canoeing is even more enjoyable in the Fall.

Much cooler, no bugs, and scenic views.

80. Bike ride on scenic trail 

Riding your bike is another great way to take in the gorgeous Fall colors.

81. Art Prize

Art Prize is an international art festival and competition that takes place every year for 19 days in September in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The art spans many city blocks at over 150 different venues, and is free to attend.

82. Go on a picnic 

Grab your favorite plaid blanket (or any blanket) and enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner outside.

This lovely picnic set has everything you need!

Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.

83. Go camping 

Camping isn’t just for summer!

In fact, campgrounds aren’t nearly as crowded, and you won’t have to deal with the heat or bugs if you go in the fall.

Have a campfire, roast marshmallows, and look around at the beautiful colored leaves.

84. Hot air balloon ride 

Imagine rising up above the colorful trees. What an experience that would be.

85. Tour a winery 

Try visiting a vineyard or tour a winery. Many have free or inexpensive samples.

86. Stargazing 

Take advantage of the earlier sunsets and clear, crisp air and go out and gaze at the stars.

Since Halloween and Thanksgiving take place in the Fall, of course I had to include some fun ideas for celebrating them as well.

2024 Halloween Ideas for your Bucket List:

87. Learn the Thriller dance moves

Throw on a YouTube video walking you through the steps!

88. Scary hayride 

A nice variation from a haunted house.

89. Go trick-or-treating

Even if you don’t have a child, it’s fun to walk through the neighborhood on Halloween night and seeing everyone out in their costumes.

90. Create and listen to a Halloween playlist

Here are 25 of the Best Halloween Songs for to Add to Your Halloween Playlist

91. Pass out treats on Halloween 

I’ve started handing out little bags of chips instead of candy the past couple years, and the kids love it!

Bags of popcorn would be another fun alternative.

92. Halloween scavenger hunt 

There are tons of free Halloween scavenger hunt ideas online, or make up your own.

93. Halloween gingerbread house 

Gingerbread houses aren’t just for Christmas. Try your hand at making a spooky one for Halloween instead.

94. Have a Halloween movie night

Here’s a list of the best family-friendly Halloween movies if you’re watching with kids.

Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.

Ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving:

Since Thanksgiving is in the Fall, I thought I’d include some festive ways to celebrate that too.

95. Send ‘grateful for you’ notes or cards to friends and family 

Or change it up and send Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards this year.

96. Make a list of what you’re thankful for 

Nothing reminds us how lucky we are more than listing out all the blessings in our life.

97. Celebrate Friendsgiving 

If Thanksgiving day is dedicated to your family, pick another day and have a Thanksgiving potluck with your friends.

98. Have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and snack on their Friendsgiving meal: Two slices of buttered toast, pretzel sticks, a handful of popcorn, and a few jelly beans.

99. Eat a classic Thanksgiving meal 

Forget your keto diet and eat all the carbs : )

100. Make a wish with the wishbone

If your turkey has a wishbone, you simply must make a wish!

101. Thanksgiving movie night 

Believe it or not, there are actually some really good Thanksgiving movies.

And it’s an easy activity the whole family can enjoy.

Here’s a list of the best movies to watch on and around Thanksgiving.

102. Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade 

There’s just something so fun about watching the Macy’s parade on TV on Thanksgiving morning.

103. Look through newspaper ads 

While you’re watching the parade, flip through the giant Thanksgiving Day newspaper full of Black Friday ads and deals.

104. Create a Thanksgiving craft 

Find one on Pinterest or YouTube, or create your own.

It’s fun for all ages.

105. Black Friday shop 

Whether you stay up all night to get the best deals, or shop online introverted-style, there really are some unbeatable savings to be had.

Just don’t forget to go through Rakuten for cash back if you’re shopping online!

106. Volunteer  somewhere local

While volunteering is important all year long, it’s easier for us to remember to give back during the gratitude season.

107. Pass along a giving plate 

Start a new Giving Plate tradition with family or friends.

The recipient keeps the plate, then fills it up and passes it along to someone they know, and so on.

Go forth, and fill your 2024 bucket list

I hope you enjoyed these 107 ideas for your 2024 Fall bucket list!

Try a new one or two this year  – you never know what will become some of your new favorite fall activities.

Be sure to take full advantage of the beautiful autumn season, and be sure to make time for the activities that only come around once a year.

Click here to get your own Fall bucket list printable!

Creating a bucket list is just a good way to ensure that you’re always making memories with your loved ones.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

What’s on your fall bucket list this year?

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Create your Fall bucket list with these 107 fun Fall activities. They include indoor and outdoor Fall activities, and fall activities for couples.

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