Decluttering Clothes: 5 Quick & Easy Steps to Downsize Your Wardrobe Today

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Decluttering clothes doesn’t have to be hard if you follow these 5 simple steps! Here’s how to get rid of clothes and create a simple wardrobe out of that cluttered closet…the easy way!

Need some help to downsize your wardrobe? Use these 5 easy steps to declutter your clothes and organize your closet quickly.

Do you ever look in your closet…and it all seems so complicated? It’s not that you lack having clothes. The problem is actually that you have too many, which just makes you feel overwhelmed.

That closet full of clothes are pure chaos. Chaos that’s causing you anxiety and decision fatigue.

If decluttering your clothes seems even MORE paralyzing than choosing your outfit, you’re in luck!

Here’s a quick and easy method to downsize your wardrobe fast.

Yep, you can take that clutter, and turn it into a more minimalist closet that actually serves you well. In 5 steps!

No complicated, drawn out process of taking out everything you own, and contemplating each item deeply.

Nope, here’s a system for decluttering clothes and shoes.. even when you’re busy.

And when you want the freedom to choose each day’s outfit in a timely fashion!

The catch?

You’re going to have to be a bit cutthroat about it all. No dwelling on “but I might need this when <insert your delusional situation here>.”

Agree? Okay, let’s get started.

First things first, we need to set the tone. You know, get ya mind right.

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Proper decluttering mindset

Go into it with the right attitude – Tell yourself that you’re going to spend the next 30 minutes or 1 hour clearing your wardrobe. You will feel so accomplished when you’re done!

Get ready to be decisive – You can’t love all your clothes equally, right? Now’s the time to shed the extra ‘weight’ of clothing clutter that interferes with your mornings. Plan to make decisions rather quickly about what’s actually worth your precious closet space.

Put on your favorite music  – Or podcast, or audiobook, or whatever will distract you just enough that you forget you’re doing a chore. But not so much that you can’t work while listening.

Grab a few garbage bags or empty boxes – You’ll need somewhere to put the stuff you’re not keeping.

Plan your reward – A downsized, easy to use wardrobe is a reward on its own of course. But plan a little treat for yourself to celebrate your accomplishment.

Now to answer the important questions!

How do I declutter my clothes? How do I decide what clothes to keep?

Need some help to downsize your wardrobe? Use these 5 easy steps to declutter your clothes and organize your closet quickly.

Here’s how to be ruthless when decluttering clothes

Step 1: The first run through

Quickly run through your closet, and pull out what you know full well you don’t need or want.

Ya know, that sweater you got as a gift and never liked. That scarf you bought for that costume that one time. The shoes with the broken heel.

Just go with your first instinct. If it’s not a ‘Hell yeah,’ it’s a ‘Hell no!’

Step 2: Eliminate what doesn’t apply to your current situation

Most of us have these fantasy versions of ourselves.

Like how you thought you were gonna be a cute skinny jean and ankle boot person every day, but realistically you wear yoga pants most of the time.

Or how you’re pretty sure you will get around to losing those 20 lbs…someday.

There’s just no sense in keeping your closet stuffed with clothes that don’t apply to who you actually are right now.

That clutter is just noise that you do.not.need.

Step 3: Sort through duplicate items

You don’t need 17 black v-neck shirts. They can’t all be equally good, right?

Some are faded, and there’s that one with the hole in the armpit.

Rank duplicate items by their condition, and how much you love and use them. Then just keep the top few in each category.

Need some help to downsize your wardrobe? Use these 5 easy steps to declutter your clothes and organize your closet quickly.

Step 4: Move infrequently worn items to the back

Your special occasion clothes are best kept completely out of the way of your daily life.

The job interview suit, black funeral dress, and bathing suit cover up do not need to be front and center, complicating things.

If you have somewhere other than your closet you can keep them, even better!

Step 5: Pull out anything you haven’t worn in a year

Be honest now. All four seasons have passed in the last 12 months. Did you really wear all that stuff?

If you haven’t chosen to wear it anytime recently, it is fairly unlikely that you will choose it going forward.

How ya doin’? That wasn’t SO bad, right?

Dealing with those piles

Hopefully by now you’ve got some good-sized piles lying around your room.

It’s time to start filling the garbage bags or empty boxes you grabbed earlier. Now don’t go back through everything all carefully, second-guessing yourself.

The ruthlessness must continue! You’re almost done, I promise.

Once you have your bags or boxes filled, go put them by the front door. Or better yet, in your car.

You’ll want to drop them off for donation on the way to pick up the reward you planned for yourself.

Need some help to downsize your wardrobe? Use these 5 easy steps to declutter your clothes and organize your closet quickly.

A few more quick decluttering tips

Donate or get rid of your clothes asap – I know we just went over this, but it bears repeating! It’s important that you pass along the clothes you decluttered rather quickly.

Bags of clothes sitting around aren’t good for your psyche. Just finish the task, and get rid of them now.

One in, one out – Do that thing everyone recommends: when you bring a new piece of clothing into your wardrobe, take one out.

This will ensure that all your hard works stays in place, and you never have to spend a whole weekend decluttering your clothes.

Keep a donate bin – Designate an area where you’ll keep items you want to get rid of over time.

Since you’re now a decisive rock-star, I’m sure you’ll come across items you want to remove from your home rather routinely now.

Toss them in the bin, and when it’s full, drop it off at Goodwill.

Do a quick declutter every 3-6 months – Revisit your closet and repeat this quick declutter process a few times a year.

You’ll continue to find more and more stuff that you just don’t need or even want.

Go forth, and declutter those clothes!

I really hope you feel inspired by this quick method of decluttering your clothes and downsizing your wardrobe.

We’ve covered how to tidy your wardrobe, get rid of clothes, and declutter your closet in a quick, (relatively) painless way.

I hope you can create a simple wardrobe, as minimalist a closet as you can manage.

It’ll make choosing your outfit each morning go so much smoother.

Set the timer for an hour, and just see all you can accomplish!

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Need some help to downsize your wardrobe? Use these 5 easy steps to declutter your clothes and organize your closet quickly.

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