75+ Winter Bucket List Ideas to Help You Enjoy the Season More


Winter bucket list ideas! Here are some fun things to do in the winter for kids, adults, and couples!

Check out these 75 winter bucket list ideas! It includes lots of fun winter activities and suggestions for what to do when you're stuck inside.

Winter can be SO long and dreary, especially when you feel stuck in the house with nothing to look forward to.

In order to combat that boredom, it’s the perfect time to create a winter bucket list!

With a list of fun ideas in hand, you can turn the winter season into your new favorite thing.

Whether you love or hate the winter months, there really are so many fun winter activities to do.

Especially if you’re not a fan of cold weather, it’s important to make time to try new things.

Winter can be a lot more pleasant if you learn to enjoy the slower pace and comforts of home.

Plus, it can be a great time to reflect and plan for the future.

So if you find yourself stuck in hibernation mode, consider creating a winter bucket list using these ideas!

These fun winter activities are perfect for:

  • Friends over the holiday season winter break
  • Couples on a date
  • Kids on a snow day
  • Any day you need some fun

I even created a Winter Bucket List printable for you to jot down your favorites.

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75 Winter Bucket List Ideas: Fun Things to Do in the Winter

Stay Cozy Inside:

1. Make hot cocoa from scratch

On a cold night, curling up with a steaming mug of homemade hot chocolate makes everything okay.

You can make it fancy with whipped cream, crushed candy canes, and shaved chocolate.

Or just keep it simple with a couple of marshmallows.

2. Sit by the fireplace

Leave the TV off, and sit in front of a real or fake fireplace, and just live in the moment.

Listen to your favorite album, or just ‘be’ for a little while.

You can pretend you’re in a cozy cabin, even if you’re not!

3. Have a pajama day

When the weather outside is cold and nasty, and you don’t need to go anywhere…

…turn it into a PJ day!

Put on your cutest or most comfy pajamas, and do anything that feels comforting to you.

4. Bake cookies

Trying a new (or making your favorite) cookie recipe never gets old!

You can get the whole family involved, add this to your list of at home date night ideas, or simply enjoy some quiet baking time alone. 

5. Read winter books

Nothing helps ‘bring on the cozy’ quite like a good book set in the winter.

There’s something about the main character experiencing the same time of year as you’re experiencing that really brings it alive.

6. Host or attend a Super Bowl party

After the excitement and socializing of the winter holidays, January and February can feel like a quiet bummer.

Plan to host a fun party for the Super Bowl to get together with friends or family.

Even if you don’t care about the game, it’s fun to make some tasty snacks and visit with everyone.

7. Have a living room dance party

Dancing gets your blood flowing and can even make you laugh.

Laughter and movement mean endorphins, and that means a flow of happy feelings.

Find or create a good playlist, crank it up, and dance around until you can’t dance anymore.

8. Build a fort out of blanket and pillows

Even if you don’t have kids in the house, it’s still fun to build a ‘fort.’

Grab the couch pillows and some extra blankets or sheets, and create a cozy nest to read or rest in.

9. Pretend it’s summer

In the dead of winter, sometimes all you want is to feel the warmth and mindset of summer vibes.

Turn up the heat, then watch some summer movies, make some summertime snacks or drinks, and just pretend it’s summer for a little while.

10. Have dinner by candlelight

Even if you’re not trying to be romantic, there’s something so peaceful about a candlelight dinner.

It’s a great way to make the most of the early sunsets during this time of the year.

(Everything has a silver lining, right?)

Check out these 75 winter bucket list ideas! It includes lots of fun winter activities and suggestions for what to do when you're stuck inside.

11. Watch a movie marathon

Choose a few of your favorite movies, or pick a series or theme (like Marvel movies) and spend a day or evening enjoying a movie marathon.

One of the benefits about winter is that you don’t feel guilty staying inside, and this is another fun way to pass the time.

12. Have a game night

Even if you prefer video games, board games are one of those fun activities you might just be missing out on.

Gather a few friends or family members, and try out a new game or old favorite.

13. Make a reading list and work through it

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to read more, or even if you already read a lot, having an organized list of book ideas ensures you won’t forget any.

Kindle Unlimited through Amazon has unlimited reading of over 1 million ebooks!

Or if you prefer to listen to books while you drive, shower, or do things around the house, an Audible subscription is a must! 

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14. Make mulled cider or hot apple cider

Whip up a batch of mulled wine or apple cider and keep it warm in the crock pot.

You can sip on it when you come back inside after outdoor activities, or while you watch movies or have a family game night.

15. Have a self-care day

Self care can mean a lot of different things, so take an inventory of your mind and see what you need the most.

It could be a beauty pamper night, or spending some quality time alone to do, watch, or read all your favorite things.

Here are 30 self care challenge ideas, if you want to keep the momentum going.

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16. Make dinner in the crock pot

There are SO many things to love about cooking in the crockpot.

Not only is a super easy, hands-off way to make dinner, but you get to smell it cooking all day, so you’re super excited to eat it when the time comes.

Here are 15 SUPER easy slow cooker dump meals – just toss the ingredients into your crockpot, and let it do all the work for you!

17. Take a nap

Is it even a winter weekend if you don’t take a nap?

Nestle under your coziest blanket, and catch up on a little sleep.

18. Take a bath by candlelight

If a regular bath is nice, a candlelit soak is EXTRA special.

The flicker of the candles is so calming, and a relaxing bath bomb, and some soothing music completes the experience.

19. Enjoy some fabulous citrus fruits

Oranges, clementines, tangelos, and Honeybells can add so much brightness to a cold winter day.

Not only are they deliciously juicy, but the vitamin C and other nutrients will boost your immune system.

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20. Just sit and watch the snow fall

Even if you loathe driving in the snow (or watching it turn brown on the side of the road), you’ve got to admit that watching it fall outside your window is pretty beautiful.

Check out these 75 winter bucket list ideas! It includes lots of fun winter activities and suggestions for what to do when you're stuck inside.

21. Host an Oscar viewing party

By the end of March, winter has overstayed its welcome.

Throw a viewing party for the Oscars to have something special to look forward to.

All you need is a television and some tasty snacks.

You can make it as fancy or casual as you like! 

22. Keep your white Christmas lights up all winter

Even if you take down your Christmas tree right after the holiday, consider keeping up some white lights somewhere in your home.

It’s such a simple and inexpensive way to offer some cheer and warmth to your space.

23. Decorate your home with snowmen

After taking down the pretty holiday decorations, your home can feel kind of boring and empty.

Snowmen decorations are the perfect way to keep things festive during winter time.

24. Have an indoor snowball fight

If you live in a place where it doesn’t snow regularly – or if you don’t want to mess with wet winter clothes – get an indoor snowball fight kit and have fun in any weather.

The “snowballs” are even crunchy like actual snow, but won’t leave a wet mess anywhere.

Outdoor Winter Activities:

25.  Go sledding

If there’s a decent amount of snow on the ground, bring a sled to a nearby hill.

It’s so much fun, and will totally make you feel like a child again.

Or if you can find someone that offers a sleigh ride in your area, that would be so magical too!

26. Have a snowball fight

Making snowballs and throwing them at your friends and relatives just never gets old.

Be sure to find a good place to hide too, so you can be strategically sneaky and not get hit as often.

27. Build a snowman

The main benefit of a snowy day is the ability to build a snowman.

And this fun snowman kit has everything you need to make a super cute snowman. (Except the snow of course.)

28. Go for a winter hike in the woods

A hike through the woods is always a peaceful way to spend an afternoon, but something about freshly fallen snow makes it extra special.

They key to staying warm is lots of layers.

Even if you don’t have snow, getting out into nature (no matter the temperature) just does something good for the soul.

Check out these 75 winter bucket list ideas! It includes lots of fun winter activities and suggestions for what to do when you're stuck inside.

29. Try snowshoeing or cross country skiing

Having a dedicated winter sport makes the season far more enjoyable.

Instead of hiding in the house for months, you can be outside, getting your blood flowing and enjoying the clear skies on a sunny day.

Check online to see if there are any parks or ski resorts in your area that rent out cross country skis.

30. Make a snow angel

There’s just something about laying in the snow, looking up at the sky, that allows you to truly live in the moment.

The challenge is always to get up without messing up your ‘angel!’

31. Take ski or snowboarding lesson

A weekend getaway to a ski resort would make a really special memory.

While you’re there, ask about having a professional give you a lesson in downhill skiing or snowboarding. so you feel prepared and comfortable on the slopes.

32. Go for a nighttime winter walk

If a winter walk is nice, a winter walk at night is even better.

Seeing the lit windows of homes and businesses feels a bit magical.

33. Catch snowflakes on your tongue

It’s so cute when the Peanuts characters catch snowflakes on their tongues in the cartoon.

Even though it feels silly, it is kinda fun!

34. Feed the birds

Growing up, my family always put bird seed out for the hungry birds to eat when food is scarce in the winter.

It’s just nice to see some signs of life in the winter.

35. Fire up your outdoor grill and enjoy a quick taste of summer

One thing I miss during the cold season is the lack of tasty grilled BBQ food.

But there’s really no reason we can’t grill once in a while to have the best of both worlds.

And if you don’t have a BBQ, or can’t access yours, here are 7 ways to grill indoors.

36. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway (just to be nice)

If you notice that your neighbor hasn’t been out to shovel yet, consider surprising them and do some of it for them.

In a world that feels less and less personal, doing an actual favor for a neighbor might just make their day – and yours!

Check out these 75 winter bucket list ideas! It includes lots of fun winter activities and suggestions for what to do when you're stuck inside.

37. Ride a fat tire bike in the snow

A Fat Tire mountain bike has extra wide knobby tires that can ride through snow and sand.

It’s a super fun experience, and if you enjoy biking, now you can do it all year.

38. Go for a winter walk on the beach

If you live anywhere near a beach, go see what it looks like in the winter.

The sand gets firm and is much easier to walk on, and the ice and snow buildup along the shore is remarkably beautiful.

39. Ride a snowmobile

True winter-lovers out there know that the secret is to have lots of recreational outdoors activities.

Snowmobiles are sort of like jet skis that you ride on land in the snow.

It’s a great way to get around, and just an all around good time.

40. Go ice fishing

When a body of water is completely frozen, you can drill a hole through the ice and fish through it to the water underneath.

It’s a totally unique experience, and can be a really fun way to catch fish in the winter.

41. Try ice skating

If it’s been a while since you’ve laced up a pair of ice skates, it might just be time to visit your local ice rink.

Some cities even create temporary outdoor rinks to enjoy.

42. Draw pictures in the snow

Pick up a Sno-Art kit, and make pretty designs right in the snow.

Kind of like sidewalk chalk, but for winter!

43. Go in an outdoor hot tub

With the right set up, you can actually use a hot tub all year long.

It feels so nice to soak in the hot water on cold days.

Creative Winter Activities

44. Have a winter outdoor photography shoot

Photo shoots aren’t just for summer and fall.

Head outside in a cute winter outfit, and snap some photos of nature or yourself, friends, and family.

45. Make paper snowflakes

Grab a pair of scissors and some white paper out of the printer.

Fold the paper in different ways, and make small cutouts with the scissors.

When you unfold the paper, it turns into a beautiful snowflake. You can even use them for pretty winter decor.

46. Make snow ice cream

Snow ice cream is super fun and easy to make!

Set a bowl outside when it starts to snow, then mix the snow with a few simple ingredients.

The whole family will get such a kick out of it!

Check out these 75 winter bucket list ideas! It includes lots of fun winter activities and suggestions for what to do when you're stuck inside.

47. Take an online class and learn a new craft

YouTube and Pinterest are full of fun craft tutorials.

You can also take online and in-person classes through Michael’s craft stores.

The colder months are the perfect time to make good use of your craft supplies, or start a new crafting hobby.

48. Knit a scarf using this easy system

This hook and needle loom kit make it SO simple to “knit” a scarf.

It really is totally beginner friendly.

You could make one for yourself, or start creating a bunch that you can sell at Christmas markets next holiday season.

49. Make paper Valentines

Grab some construction paper in your favorite colors, and have fun creating some pretty Valentine cards for friends and family.

It’s a great way to use up random craft supplies!

50. Start a journal

Winter is the best time to reflect on your goals and think of ways to enjoy or improve your life.

Grab a pretty notebook and write down anything that comes to mind.

You could write about:

  • Daily happenings in your life
  • Thoughts and feelings
  • Gratitude log
  • Quotes
  • Things you like about yourself
  • List of things you want to get done
  • Travel wish list

51. Make DIY snow globes

You can a blank snow globe and fill it with your own design creation.

Place any scene or characters you’d like inside.

Keep it as decor for yourself, or create on as a gift for someone.

52. Do a winter jigsaw puzzle

If you enjoy putting puzzles together, this beautiful winter scene puzzle would be a really fun option.

Puzzles are so good for keeping the mind sharp and improving hand-eye coordination.

53. Make play snow

If you don’t have piles of snow in your yard, you can actually make ‘snow’ at home with a couple common household ingredients.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy making little creations out of this homemade play snow.

54. Build a Lego masterpiece

Dig out your old bins of Lego, and see what interesting creations you can come up with!

Build a little town, see how large of a structure you can make, or get creative and make an animal of some sort.

Go on an adventure:

55. Participate in a Polar Bear Plunge

If you’re the brave sort, check to see if there are any polar bear plunge events in your area.

Typically held to raise money for a charitable organization, participants jump into a very cold lake or river in the winter.

I can only imagine that it’s very invigorating!

56. Do something special for Valentine’s or ‘galentine’s’ day

Plan something special to do on or around Valentine’s Day with your significant other, friends, or family.

Even if you’re not in a romantic relationship, there are so many fun and festive ways to celebrate this special day of love.

Check out these 75 winter bucket list ideas! It includes lots of fun winter activities and suggestions for what to do when you're stuck inside.

57. Try roller skating at an indoor skating rink

If you haven’t been roller skating or roller blading in a while, consider visiting a local indoor skating rink.

Skating is a really fun way to get some movement in when it’s too cold outside.

Plus, it’ll make you feel like a kid again!

58. Visit an ice sculpture contest

Many communities hold winter festivals with professional ice sculpture carvers.

Their work is amazing, and it’s so much fun to watch them in action.

59. Go swimming at an indoor pool 

Some hotels let you pay to use their pool for the afternoon, and local places like the YMCA have relatively inexpensive memberships.

Being able to swim indoors when it’s so cold outside gives off that summer feeling, if only for a little while.

60. Go bowling

Bowling is the perfect winter activity! 

The sound of the pins falling, the smell of the food, and the music creates a really fun experience.

61. Visit a museum

If you live near or in a big city, there’s bound to be some museums you’ve never been to.

Even local small towns often have museums with interesting pictures and facts about the area that you might not know.

62. Try a different mall that you’ve never been to

Malls are the perfect place to walk around in the winter.

There’s lots to see, plus fun snacks like soft pretzels.

63. Go thrift shopping or antiquing

People tend to declutter and donate more items in the early winter, which makes thrift shopping extra fun.

Antique stores have so many hidden treasures too, and will remind you of things from your childhood you’d long forgotten.

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64. Go on a winter getaway 

Your little vacation can be as far or close to home as you’d like!

It’s definitely a nice way to break up the winter blues and give you something to look forward to.

Somewhere that offers horse-drawn carriages would be super fun.

65. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen

One major way to change a grumpy winter mindset is to help those who aren’t as lucky.

Not only will it help others, but it will remind you of your blessings and make you feel grateful for your warm home.

66. Go to a hockey game

Local and professional hockey games are really fun.

Get some fun snacks from the concession stand, and cheer on your favorite team.

Get organized:

67. Declutter a room in your house

Pick one room that’s been bugging you, and spend a little while clearing out some clutter.

You’ll feel much better when it’s all tidied up.

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Check out these 75 winter bucket list ideas! It includes lots of fun winter activities and suggestions for what to do when you're stuck inside.

68. Take a social media detox

There are so many benefits of taking a little time off social media.

It’ll give you some mental space to think without constant input from others, and will help heal your FOMO and any comparison trap feelings you’re experiencing.

69. Organize your recipes

It feels SO good to have all your recipes organized where you can actually find and use them.

Not only does it make meal planning much faster, but it might even remind you of some old favorites you’ve forgotten.

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70. Work on a New Year’s resolution

Resolutions don’t have to created from a place of self-loathing.

They can be more about making time for what you enjoy, setting boundaries, and giving thought to what you want out of life.

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71. Sort and organize your photos 

If you have lots of printed photos from the years before smart phones, find a way to organize them neatly.

Photo albums take up less space than piles of loose photographs, and are far more fun to look through.

You could also organize the photos in your phone into ‘albums’ so they’re easy to find.

72. Plan your summer vacation 

Dreaming of a getaway to somewhere cool like one of the National Parks will give you something to look forward to.

The act of planning the trip is such a nice distraction!

73. Rearrange your furniture

For a free way to refresh your home, change how the furniture is arranged in one of your rooms.

It’ll feel so fresh and new, and will make your space feel more homey.

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74. Clean out and organize your closet

I bet there’s quite a few items of clothing that you haven’t used during the past year.

You can keep it simple and find 5-10 things to get rid of, or take everything out for a deep clean and new organization.

Here are 10 tricks to organize your closet on a budget.

75. Pack a donation box and take to Goodwill

Grab an extra box or bag, and go around your home finding items you no longer use or love.

Then put it in your car and take it to the donation center next time you’re out.

If you do this once a month, you’ll have so much less clutter by this time next year!

Ready to try ultimate winter bucket list?

I really hope these fun winter bucket list ideas gave you some inspiration for ways to enjoy the cold weather season.

When you’re feeling cooped up, try one of these winter activities, and watch your mood improve.

Having a running list of fun things to do in the winter will help the dreary days go faster, so be sure to grab your printable winter bucket list below and fill it out with lots of new ideas! 

Feel free to bookmark this post to refer back to. Or pin it to Pinterest to share it with your friends and family!

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Check out these 75 winter bucket list ideas! It includes lots of fun winter activities and suggestions for what to do when you're stuck inside.

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