How to Organize a Small Bedroom (on a budget!)

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How to organize your small bedroom on a budget! These bedroom organization hacks and storage ideas are easy ways to utilize space in even a small room.

How to organize a small bedroom on a budget. Bedroom organization ideas and hacks to utilize space in your bedroom and keep it clean.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. The place where you go to rest and recover from the day’s stress and busyness.

But it’s difficult to feel peaceful in a cluttered space. You have Clothes Mountain over in the corner. You kick shoes out of the way to open your closet doors.

And let’s not talk about the top of your dresser or night stand…

We race into and out of our bedrooms, hurrying to get ready in the morning. Changing our clothes real quick after work before we’re onto the next thing.

Dumping things we’re sure we’ll take care of later. But never do.

What if we could walk into our room, and look around with a sense of “ahhh, this is our space.”

We’d sleep better, and have more pride and comfort when getting ready in the morning or going to bed.

It’s possible, even if your room is small!

Here are some ideas on how to organize your bedroom. Even if you’re on a budget, and can’t afford an expensive trip to the Container Store.

I hope these bedroom organization hacks will help you believe you can get your room organized – and keep it clean!

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How to Organize a Small Bedroom

1. Declutter often

I hate to break it to ya, but you probably have too much stuff. 

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us, and there’s actually a simple solution.

You have to routinely go through the contents of your bedroom, and get rid of some things.

Or find a home for them elsewhere.

Now, this doesn’t have to be a Whole Big Deal. Just commit to decluttering one drawer a week.

Or put 5 things a week into a donation bin.

If your clothes are out of control, here’s how to quickly declutter them in 5 easy steps.

It’s the consistent fight against ‘clutter-creep’ that will make all the difference between that hurricane-looking bedroom, and a peaceful, restful space.

2. Find everything a home

The reason your bedroom looks messy might be because many of your belongings are homeless.

You don’t know where to put them, so Top of Dresser becomes their home.

But when you give every item a place to belong, then you can follow the Golden Rule of Home Tidiness.

This makes cleaning up SO much easier. You’re not standing there stumped, thinking “where can I put this?”

It can take a little while to find a home for everything. But once you have, you’ll be richly rewarded with space to breathe.

3. Get control of your drawers

Ever have to smush your clothes down to be able to close a drawer? We all have.

It’s because our drawers are out of control!

See, we can’t shove everything in them all willy-nilly. We need some organization.

I love using simple drawer dividers like these:If you’re on a tight budget and want a free alternative, you can even use shoe boxes of various sizes.

Put like items (ie. dress socks) together in one divider or box, and store other types of items (workout socks) in another. Paired up with their mate, of course.

That way you’re not searching frantically for clean black socks before work on laundry day.

You’ll be able to see yesterday that you grabbed the last pair!


4. Keep the surfaces clear

Cluttered surfaces are a sure way to make your small bedroom look disorganized.

You don’t have the 800 square foot closets they show on HGTV with 75 drawers and cubbies.

So the stuff you use often just gets set down on any flat surface you can find.

The biggest culprits are the dresser and nightstand.

If you can keep them clear (because now every item has a home), your room will look cleaner and more organized – instantly!

Grab one of these sleek nightstand organizers to keep your favorite items handy, but in a neat, tidy way.Or this lovely table-top book shelf would look pretty and be functional, right on top of your nightstand or dresser.If jewelry lying around everywhere is a problem, here are a few ideas to organize it all in a pretty way:

5. Make your bed 

There’s one thing you can every day that takes about 1 minute. 

Make your bed! It instantly transforms the look of your bedroom.

You can even do it while brushing your teeth, or while your facial serum soaks in. (That’s what I do.)

For such minimal effort (and no cost at all), it packs a big punch when making your bedroom look tidier.

Just try it for a week. You’ll feel like such a productive grownup!

6. Get creative with storage space

When organizing a small bedroom, you have to get a little creative.

You’ll need to find storage in often-forgotten spaces.

Here are some bedroom organization ideas from Amazon.

💡Quick tip: If you plan to order from Amazon, I highly recommend having Amazon Prime for fast, free shipping. You can sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial of Amazon Prime HERE.

Under the bed

Get some containers that fit under your bed to store off-season clothing, shoes, or extra bedding.

In the bed

In the market for a new bed? Get one that has storage built right in!

Extra drawers never hurt anyone’s feelings.


Floating shelves

Some simple (but pretty) floating shelves are a great way to hold books, souvenirs, pictures, and any other items you don’t want cluttering up your flat surfaces.

Nightstand with storage

Instead of a regular ol’ table, use a nightstand with storage.

Drawers are ideal, or neatly organized shelves work too.


No room for a nightstand at all? I have one of these cool pouches that hang off the side of the bed and hold stuff that can look clutter-y. 

When the bed is made, you can’t even see it!

Bench or trunk

If space allows, a pretty bench with storage space does double duty.

You can sit on it when you put on your shoes, and hide stuff inside it.


Or a nice trunk like this one adds a nice decor touch AND extra storage.

Just don’t start piling stuff on top of it and leaving it there!

7. Organize your closet

It can sure be easy to shove everything into the closet and forget about it.

But that only makes it harder on you when you need to find something!

If you can take some time one day to declutter your clothes and find everything a home, you’ll be so grateful every morning when you’re trying to pick out clothes.

You might even find some hidden gems in there that you forgot about!

Got nice things that you never wear? Consider selling them for a little extra cash.

Then take yourself out for a nice treat as a reward for your newly organized bedroom.

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Ready to try some of these easy ways to organize your bedroom?

I hope these tips and tricks for organizing your bedroom gave you some inspiration.

Even a small bedroom (with a small budget) can stay clean and organized, if you utilize your space well and form some new, simple habits.

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How to organize a small bedroom on a budget. Bedroom organization ideas and hacks to utilize space in your bedroom and keep it clean.

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