Week 25: How I Saved (and earned) $135

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Easy money saving tips

Welcome to Week 25 of the How I Saved Series! If you want to find some easy money saving tips and tricks, just keep reading.

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I share my savings every week in hopes that the money savings tactics can be useful in your life. You can put that savings toward something that’s important to you.

We’re putting all the money we save toward paying off our mortgage early. What would you do with the extra money you can save?

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On to the deals!

Here’s how I saved from June 18 – 24:



I ran into Aldi quickly to pick up:

  • 10 lb potatoes ($2.99)
  • Mustard (89 cents)
  • Hot dog buns (85 cents)
  • Hummus quartet ($3.99)
  • Turkey lunchmeat ($2.49)

Easy money saving tips

I use a collapsible shopping basket like this one for my Aldi shopping.

Amount Spent: $11.21

Amount Saved: $3.63 (assuming 30% savings by shopping at Aldi)


Meijer was having their 10 for $10 sale, which alway provides some great opportunities for deals. Their clearance rack was also chock full this week, which is unusual.

Here’s what I bought at Meijer:

  • (2) Original applesauce cups (84 cents each) – on the clearance rack
  • Mott’s strawberry applesauce cups (94 cents) – clearance rack
  • Big jar Mott’s applesauce ($1.50) – clearance rack
  • (2) Sunny D (50 cents each) – On sale for $1, less two 50 cents off one newspaper insert coupons
  • (2) Old El Paso enchilada sauce (50 cents each) – Sale priced at $1, minus a $1 off two mPerk digital coupon
  • (3) Pop-tarts (66 cents each) – On sale for $1 each, less a $1 off three mPerk digital coupon

Easy money saving tips

Amount Spent: $8.12

Amount Saved: $12.67

Percentage Saved: 61%

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Ibotta: $50

I cashed out my Ibotta account and received $50 via PayPal.

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Easy money saving tips

Gasoline Savings: $14.60

I bought a couple gift cards from Kroger recently, and they were offering a 4x fuel points promotion. I ended up getting $1 off per gallon!

Miscellaneous Savings:

After getting home from Kohl’s last week, I noticed the cashier had forgotten to take the security tag off the swimsuit.

I wasn’t thrilled about having to go back, but since I had Kohl’s cash, I thought I might as well look around.

I headed to the shoe clearance section, and found some Adidas shoes marked all the way down to $10.99. After using my $10 Kohl’s cash, with tax, I paid just $1.05!

Easy money saving tips

Amount Spent: $1.05

Amount Saved: $54.00



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How much money did you save this week?

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