Week 30: How I Saved $65

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How I Saved Week 30

Welcome to Week 30 of the How I Saved Series! It was my birthday week, so I enjoyed a couple of freebies. : )

I get a lot of emails from restaurants and stores with coupons around my birthday, but most of them require you buy something else. Since spending no any money at all is still a bigger savings than a BOGO coupon, I don’t use too many of them.

Here’s a massive list of birthday freebies that you can sign up for, if you’re interested.

Ok, back to how I saved.

If you are interested in learning some grocery shopping saving tricks, keep reading to find out how to combine sales, coupons, and Ibotta rebates to stretch your grocery budget.

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Each week I share how I save money with the hope that these money saving methods can be useful in your life. You can put that savings toward something that is important to you.

We’re putting all the money we save toward paying off our mortgage early. What would you do with all the extra money you could save?

Tip: Check out the Money Saving Resources page to see the resources I use to plan my shopping trips!

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Here’s how I saved the week of July 23 – July 29:



Since Kroger launches their new sale on Wednesdays each week, I actually stopped in twice.

My first trip entailed buying:

  • (6) Stayfree feminine products (99 cents each) – On Mega Event sale for $1.99, less two $2 off 2 newspaper insert coupons, and one $2 off 2 Kroger digital coupon.
  • (2) Charmin mega roll toilet paper ($3.99 each) – Mega Event sale priced at $4.99, with a $1 off one newspaper insert coupon, and a $1 off one Kroger digital coupons
  • Colgate Optic White toothpaste (FREE) – On sale with the Mega Event for $1.99, minus the $2 off one Kroger digital coupon
  • Airheads candy (FREE) – Free with the ‘Free Friday’ Kroger digital coupon. (‘Clip’ your Free Friday coupons every Friday. You get about 2 weeks to use them before they expire.)
  • BIC mechanical pencils 10-pack (49 cents) – On sale for $1.49, less a $1 off one newspaper insert coupon
  • BIC highlighter 5-pack (59 cents) – Sale priced at $1.69, with a $1 off one newspaper insert coupon

I couldn’t resist going back to Kroger later in the week to get this awesome deal:

  • (5) Classico pasta sauce (49 cents each) – On sale for $1.99, less a 5x Kroger digital coupon for $1 off each (can be used on up to 5 items in the same transaction). There was also an Ibotta rebate for 50 cents off each, up to 5 items.

How I Saved Week 30

I also used a 25 cents off Any Item Ibotta rebate.

Amount Spent (not including Ibotta rebates): $19.95

Amount Saved (not including Ibotta rebates): $40.19

Percentage Saved: 67%

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Ibotta Savings: $2.75

As mentioned above, my Ibotta rebates were:


  • 25 cents off any item
  • $2.50 on Classico pasta sauce (50 cents back on each)

I earn cash back from Ibotta on almost every shopping trip. You can redeem your earnings for money or gift cards to zillions of places.

New to Ibotta? Sign up below and earn an extra $10 on your first rebate.

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How I Saved Week 30

Gasoline Savings: $5.04

One of the Meijer stores in our area (who is always competing with the Speedway across the street) had their gas priced 31 cents less per gallon, plus I had a Meijer mPerk digital coupon for 5 cents off per gallon.

Miscellaneous Savings: $18

For my birthday, a local pizza chain mailed me a coupon for a completely free pizza. Cold Stone (my favorite!) emailed me a coupon for a BOGO any size ice cream. Pizza and ice cream made an excellent birthday dinner. : )

Just a note: We also save money by doing as many things as we can ourselves: from yard work to car washes to house cleaning, etc. We try to not eat at restaurants very often either. All that adds up to a lot of savings each year!



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How much money were you able to save this week?

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