My June 2018 Reading List


June Reading List

Welcome back, book lovers! I’m here to share my June reads. Like last year, I plan to read at least 40 books in 2018.

Despite June being crazy-busy, I somehow read 6 books. That brings my total to 27 for the year thus far.

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If you’re looking for some fun novels, check out my June reading list!

Here are the six books I read in June, and whether or not I’d recommend them to you!

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June reading list

Crimes Against A Book Club

Crimes Against A Book Club by Kathy Cooperman was one of my Amazon First Read choices from over a year ago. I only recently got back into reading on my Kindle, so I’m still catching up.

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Plot: Annie and Sarah have been best friends since college. They’re in different seasons of life, but they both need money, and fast. They hatch a plan to concoct some ‘luxury’ face cream and sell their vastly overpriced product to the rich ladies in Annie’s book club. It seems like the perfect scheme, until Annie takes it upon herself to add a secret ingredient to the recipe that could ruin their entire plan.

This was a relatively light-hearted read, with some funny moments. It definitely has a ‘Real Housewives of _____’ feel to it, which isn’t my usual form of entertainment.

I’ve always wanted to be a part of a book club, though not the one in this story, since they don’t seem to actually discuss books.

I enjoyed the original storyline of this book, and thought the characters were well-written. If you’re in the mood for a fun, easy read, I think you’ll like this one. I give it a solid 4 stars.

June reading list

The Bookshop On The Corner

Since I adore reading books about libraries and bookstores, I chose The Bookshop On The Corner by Jenny Colgan as my next read.

Plot: Nina loves her job as a librarian, and has really honed her ability to pair readers with their perfect books. She is devastated to learn that the library is closing, and she is out of a job. She decides to chase her dream of opening her own bookstore, but to do so, she’ll have to move far away from the home she knows, and encounter many adventures along the way.

I thought this was an endearing story, albeit a bit slow-moving. I enjoyed that it took place in Europe, and found the main character and her best friend likable. The story definitely had some humorous moments, and an interesting romance component.

If you want a sweet little story, with a book-loving main character, give The Bookshop On The Corner a try. I give it 4 stars as well.

June reading list

The Thinnest Air

My June Kindle First read was The Thinnest Air by Minka Kent. It was definitely my favorite book in June.

Plot: Meredith is a beautiful young woman, married to her wealthy, attentive husband, with two lovely step-children. Her predictable life looks perfect, until she disappears into thin air. When her car is discovered in a supermarket parking lot, with all her belongings still inside, Meredith’s sister, Greer, will go to any length necessary to find her. But she discovers that she might not really know her sister at all.

This story is told in both present day and flashbacks. It gripped me from the beginning, and kept me guessing throughout. It might be my favorite Kindle First Read of all time.

If you enjoy suspenseful books, you should definitely check out The Thinnest Air. I totally give it 5 stars.

June reading list

The Stranger

I joined NetGalley in June, and The Stranger by Melanie Raabe was my first choice.

Plot: Sarah’s husband, Philip, disappeared on a business trip to South America seven years ago. She’s been grieving her loss ever since, and just wants to know what happened to him. Out of the blue, she receives a phone call saying that Philip is alive, and coming home. But the man who returns is a stranger, pretending to be her husband. He knows about Sarah’s past, and threatens her if she exposes him.

Conceptually, the plot was good and intriguing. The ending was a surprise (to me anyway), but I didn’t feel that it was plausible. The book did keep me entertained me throughout, and had some suspenseful moments.

I’d give this book 3.5 stars. I enjoyed reading it, but didn’t love the ending. Let me know if you read it; I’m curious what you think of it.

June reading list

Who We Were Before

I read Who We Were Before by Leah Mercer for free through Amazon Prime.

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Plot: Zoe and Edward lost their toddler son two years ago, when he got hit by a car. Their marriage relationship is in shambles and they are simply coexisting. Edward wants to heal together, and Zoe can’t move on. Zoe’s parents gift them a weekend in Paris as a last-ditch effort to reconnect. Zoe loses sight of Edward as soon as they arrive, and realizes her wallet and phone were stolen. She has to search all over Paris to find Edward, and does some soul-searching in the process.

This story gives a play-by-play of the couple’s entire relationship, told in present day and flashbacks. The plot was kind of depressing, and not one many that people would enjoy. It was an okay book, but I can’t really say I’d recommend it to anyone. I think I’ll go with 3 stars.

June reading list

Every Crooked Nanny

I chose Every Crooked Nanny by Mary Kay Andrews because I love mysteries, and stories that take place before the internet and cell phones were commonplace. What can I say…I’m an old soul. It is first in the Callahan Garrity series of 8 books.

Plot: Callahan Garrity is a former cop and private investigator, turned owner of a home-cleaning business. One of her housekeeping clients hires her to investigate the sudden disappearance of their nanny, who left with several valuables, including some sensitive documents. Callahan finds herself and her wacky house-cleaning crew in over their heads as she plays detective to a murder.

Reading this cozy mystery was kind of like visiting another world. It takes place in the South, in the early 90s. I enjoyed the humor, but felt it dragged a bit in the middle. Also, just a warning that this book contains racial slurs, and other non-politically correct wording that I found bothersome.

The Callahan Garrity series reminds me a little of the Aurora Teagarden books that I read last year. I prefer Aurora as a main character.

If you like murder mysteries that aren’t too dark, give Every Crooked Nanny a try. I give it 4 stars.

What awesome books have you read lately? Please comment down below with your recommendations!


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  1. I own The Bookshop On The Corner so glad you liked it! I think I’ve read another one of her books and liked it, but don’t remember which one lol.

    1. Haha! It sure is difficult to keep track of all the books I have read or want to read, Kristen. I’d like to read Colgan’s Little Beach Street Bakery, and Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery.

  2. I almost picked the tinnest air with Kindle First but didnt i think I chose beautiful exiles. Great list here!

    1. Hi Nancy! The Stranger definitely was intriguing. Every Crooked Nanny was my first book by Andrews. I might check out some of her others, specifically more of the Callahan Garrity ones, since I’m a sucker for a series.

    1. Yeah, sometimes the Kindle First Read options leave something to be desired. But since I can’t pass up free, I always choose one and am occasionally pleasantly surprised.

  3. I’m reading Summer at Beach Street Bakery now and enjoying it. It is a sweet summer read. I also enjoyed The Bookshop on the Corner. Have you read The Storied Life of AJ Fikry or Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore? They were good too! Pam 🙂

    1. Hi Pam! I should definitely check out the Beach Street Bakery books. They sound lovely. I did read AJ Fikry and totally loved it. I’m adding Mr. Penumbra to my TBR list! I hadn’t heard of it. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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