Are you tired ofalways overspending

and not knowingwhere your money is going?

With the Overspending Rescue Plan, you’ll:

There is notjust one type of personwho overspends. It crosses all social and economic boundaries. We are bombarded from morning til night with messages that encourage us tospend spend spend

Maybe you’re a daily overshopper, go on occasional shopping binges, or you’re a ‘collector.’

Maybe you overspend when you’re happy, or sad, or mad.

The Overspending Rescue Plan is right for you:

  • If you overshop to project a particular image 
  • Buy excessively for others 
  • If you buy multiple versions of the same item 
  • If you hunt relentlessly for bargains 
  • If you constantly buy and return
  • If you have no idea where your money goes

Overspending can impact your marriage,

your work performance, your social life, your family relationships,

and put you deeply in debt with no savings.

You know you can have a better life…if you can just get this under control.

The Overspending Rescue Plan will help you if:

  • You can’t pay your credit card bills
  • You have very little or no money for retirement
  • You can’t make needed home or car repairs because you overspent
  • You get constant calls from creditors
  • You have a poor credit rating
  • You’re often hit with late fees and penalties because you’re disorganized with your finances
  • You’ve borrowed money from family or friends and you don’t know how or when you’ll pay it back
  • Your home is cluttered with the things you’ve purchased
  • You buy things you don’t use

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Get your life back in order, and stop overspending today!

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